TOKIT Social Media Intro


Dear TOKIT community,

We would love to take some time to introduce to you our official social media accounts and explain to you exactly what you can expect to see on it. We currently have multiple official social channels available which includes the following: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. So what type of content can you expect from our official accounts? Here is a brief rundown:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

You can find out all the latest news as well as the latest information and updates about TOKIT on our Facebook, Twitter and Twitter accounts. With the freshest content on Facebook and Twitter while on Instagram we aim to provide you with inspirations for creating the best quality food and showing you how to make the device work with your daily life. You can expect to see regular content on both Facebook and Twitter almost everyday featuring some content while Instagram will also feature regular content to a similar schedule frequency.


You can find all the latest OmniCook recipes, providing you with the most delicious recipes for you to enjoy as well as informative videos about the Omni Cook. Expect to see all the demos of the product including unboxings to see for yourself what you can get, think of it as a great preview into the product and its capabilities. We will also include many informative videos showing you the best way to use and look after your TOKIT devices and accessories, so you can take full advantage of them, you can expect to see content on Youtube on a consistent weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The Official Account Names

The social contacts are are fairly easy to find here is a list of accounts, we encourage you to follow as many of them as possible:

Facebook - Tokitglobal

Instagram - tokitgl

Twitter - TokitG

Youtube - TOKIT


We can now quickly discuss something else that we are keen to show you, it is the TOKIT Cooking Squad. Our very own campaign with that will feature some exciting things to look forward to, including some renowned food experts and many fantastic prizes. Be sure you stay tuned so you know when you can join in the fun.


Thank you so much for your support! 


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